Top 5 Tips for Canning Apples | From My Mother In Law

I’m convinced there’s nothing better fresh, homemade applesauce. This past weekend I was lucky enough to finally get some insight into the ways of preserving this tasty treat, canning.

My mother in law has been canning since her college days, and knows her way around the kitchen! She was sweet enough to take a weekend and show me a couple of her tips and tricks.

Below I have some sweet pics and our list of the top 5 tips for canning apples, according to my mother in law 😉


Top 5 tips for canning apples

  • Try cinnamon before sugar
  • Don’t use too much water- it will be runny(about 2 inches)
  • Use a peeler
  • Use a good Apple! Granny Smith can be too tart, honey crisp is great!
  • Keep an eye on them and don’t let them burn!

And there you have it! I hope this post was of some inspiration to you. Let me know in the comments of your favorite fall memories /traditions.  I’d also love any canning tips you might have!


P.s Here is a link to a really great simple recipe with instructions for canning applesauce!

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