School Safe Trail Mix

My eldest started school in September, and I was shocked at how much of a mental shift I had to get into in order to pack allergy free snacks!

Now that I’m finally in the swing of things, I thought I’d share what I pack my 5 year old for his snack (his school lasts 3 hours in the morning).And share with you my ultimate favorite snack, DIY  allergy free trail mix!

I feel silly posting this because it’s just two ingredients but my son loves this, so I thought why not?

To make this “trail mix” you will need

  • 1 cup of Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1 cup of Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin Seeds are the unsung heroes of the health world. Coming in with 0% cholesterol and a whopping 42% DV of magnesium in just one cup!

And did you know that sunflower seeds have 58% DV of protein? So crucial for your little one’s growing mind and body.

That’s it! Simple and sweet! Before I sign off just a couple more tricks I picked up. I always do my best to make my son’s snack super special. I make a huge deal about letting him pick out his lunch box and tupperware he uses. And then try to give him a few options in which snack he would like. Alot of kids around him tend to bring sugary snacks, and we have to be proactive about making him feel good about the snack he brings.

So embrace the cheesy character lunch equipment, and thrown in lots of encouraging lunch box notes. And don’t forget to tell your little one how proud you are of them for eating foods that will make them strong. They will still occasionally want the treat foods their friends have and that’s okay! Be proud of yourself as a caregiver knowing you are setting up the ground work for healthy adults who don’t have any issues against food.

I hope this article inspired or helped you in some way! Let me know in the comments what other recipes you would like to see made healthier and possible school friendly!


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