Harvard Study Shows Kids Who Do Chores Are More Successful | And How You Can Get A Jump Start

According to a recent Harvard study, children who do chores growing up, have better work ethic. And in turn are more successful, happier adults.

But little Samantha is too little, and will just create more work for me!

Yes, yes she will.

However once they move past the “little helpers” phase and into the helpful phase, you will actually have some help around the house.

Here is a list of 5 chores your kid can do between the ages of 3-5.

1.) Scrub The Counters

You can buy some natural cleaning spray (which definitely adds an element of fun!) or simply give them a stool, paper towel and soapy sponge. This is a chore that my kiddos actually love, and they are so proud of themselves when they get it clean “like new” again!

2.) Put Away Their Own Toys

I know this one seems simple, but it’s something that shouldn’t go without mention. Even the littlest of kids can do this. Once they are big enough to walk around and pull stuff out, they are big enough to put it away. I have to be honest in admitting a failure we had here was not having toy organization early on. Once we had designated spots for everything, my kids had a much easier time putting them away. (Sometimes even unprompted!)

3.) Put Clothes In The Washing Machine

Grab your dirty laundry basket and have your kiddos join you! Both my 3 and 5 year old LOVE throwing the dirty clothes in the washing machine. And bonus points for mom, you can hand them the wet clothes and let them load it into the dryer. (Hooray for no more bending down awkwardly!)

4.) Put Their Dirty Dishes In The Sink

I’m honestly amazed at how much time this one has saved me! Not having to constantly go through and grab dirty dishes (cups were a killer because they ended up everywhere!) has been a huge time saver! Now that’s not to say I don’t still have to remind them, but the kids are getting better at this every day!

5.) Put Away Silverware

While I go through and remove our cutting knives, I always give my kids the silverware basket from the dish washer. And I can finally say we have reached the point where it actually saves me time now!

So while there may be extra up front work, it will all eventually get easier I promise! Plus you can feel good through the whining knowing you are helping their future selves be harder working, more successful functioning adults.

Keep fighting the good fight mama.





Fruits And Veggies Hacks | Getting Your Kids To Eat And Like Their Fruits And Veggies

All to have your kids declare how gross kale is, and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sound familiar? Or was that just my house 😉

Cue my tips tricks and hacks for making fruits and veggies fun! All these tasty little super foods need is some kid friendly rebranding.

First up it’s time to make some veggie lollipops! I bought some ‘treat sticks’ from my local craft store. And simply stuck some broccoli, strawberries and sliced cucumber on the top. The kids devoured these.


If you have a kiddo that is extra resistant, try letting them put these together! (Side note I had to poke a small pole in the bottom of the cucumber slice with a knife, and I would recommend that being a grown up job)

My next trick is to add stickers! I already had a sheet of stickers at home so this was particularly easy.


I tried this out on a banana, kiwi, and apples. The boys thought they were super cool.


I also told them how they would get super spidey senses after eating. Those babies were inhaled in minutes.91271084dd65f60841db526ab99493de5d3a08d2.jpg

My third hack is to cut things up! I know this is sort of common knowlege, but I always find myself forgetting to do this. It’s hard for little mouths and missing teeth to eat things. The easier you make it to eat, the more likely they will be to go for it!



(Rainbow carrots. Extra colorful and extra fun!)

This hack is also widely used, but with a small twist! Put those veggies in the blender and make your kiddos a yummy smoothie! But instead of using this to sneak in foods, use it to tell them about what those foods are doing for their body.

“This smoothie has carrot juice in it! Carrots have vitamins that improve your eye sight. I heard that’s how superman got his super vision.”


(Baby bee #1 enjoying his super hulk smoothie;) )

And with that leftover smoothie, make yourself some popsicles 🙂




And on days that it’s not 1,000 degrees outside, you can easily add that smoothie into just about any muffin recipe.

Well that’s it for today! I hope you have a wonderful day and get your green on 🙂




Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals | from A Certified Personal Trainer

It’s New Year’s eve. You are excited about the bright shiny year ahead of you. “This is my year!” you say to yourself. The year you will finally, lose that extra weight, write your book, finish school, go on that trip, etc. etc. Even posting about it on Facebook, holding yourself accountable with all your friends and family (and that weird co-worker you never really liked that still likes all of your updates 5 years later.)

And then March rolls around.

The excuses start piling on and your motivation gets lost in the chaos that is known as life. Sound familiar? Or is it just me? 😉
You are probably left wondering what went wrong when you started out so strong! Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not you. It’s your goals. It’s time to up your goal setting game.

The key is to create goals that are SMART!

Specific. The more specific the better! When we set goals that are too vague, it’s easy to push them aside because you aren’t being clear and defined enough to dictate what you really need to make things happen! If you say you want to start eating a more nutritionally based diet, it’s easy enough to justify eating unhealthily because you don’t have your goal clearly outlined. If you say you are going to cut out your nightly slice of cake except for Cake Fridays at work, and eat your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, it’s easier to know what you should be doing.

Measurable. For myself personally, this helps me stay motivated. While I was in the process of healing my Diastasis Recti, I had taken my waist measurements at the beginning of my journey, and at the end of the 8 week program. I was feeling particularly discouraged until I saw I had lost 7 inches on my waist line! I was instantly encouraged and it was all because I saw the numbers. You can say you want to lose weight. Or you can say you want to lose 5lbs in two and a half weeks.

Attainable. Although I am one who loves to dream big, you also have to set goals for yourself you are capable of achieving. You will lose interest and feel discouraged if your goals are unrealistic, and when speaking on health and fitness, goals can be downright unhealthy. Keeping your goals attainable and realistic will help you build confidence in this area, which can help create even more motivation.

Relevant. Goals need to be relevant to you as a person. My husband would be so miserable in a yoga or Zumba class. That’s just not who he is. But he would thrive in a kick boxing, crossfit setting. He is significantly more likely to keep up with a kick boxing class than he would yoga. Everyone is an individual, and needs to keep in mind what is relevant to their own personal needs and wants out of life.

Time-bound. This one hits home for me! If I don’t have a time line, it won’t happen! I tend to put everything off to the last minute. If there’s no countdown, it gets put to the bottom of my priority list. Setting how long you have to accomplish your goals, and the duration of time you set aside to accomplish them, will hold you accountable to your commitment to yourself.

And there you have it! The formula for setting a successful goal. Another tip I’d like to add is make sure you set process goals and product goals. For example. I’d like to lose 5 lbs in two and a half weeks. So I will do cardio at my gym for 45 minutes 3x a week and go for a half hour walk every day after dinner. Outlining what your process and product goals are can help eliminate any potential road blocks before you even reach them!

Good luck in achieving all you set out for. I hope you have a wonderful day.



Diastasis Recti – Finding True Inner Strength | Final Review

Before starting, if you haven’t read my post on what Diastasis Recti is all about click here. To read my first post reviewing The Tummy Team’s core foundations program click here! And for my second review click here.

Week 5

I have to admit this week I was started to feel a little discouraged with my body. I had made so much progress, that I had gotten used to significant changes almost daily. And while I can still feel progress, it was at a much slower pace than I had become accustomed to. Luckily it was actually mentioned in the description for the week, making me feel much better knowing it was a normal part at this stage of the program! This week we learned some valuable information on our alignment and some fantastic stretches. Like this amazing stretch from the gorgeous Kelly Dean herself. You’re welcome 😉

And as usual some great visualizations that improved the quality of my exercises even more. We were taught to wean from our splint to a 50/50 ratio, and I’m feeling less concerned about life splint -free now.

Week 6

I’m starting to slowly move past my “plateau” of last week. Feeling a little bit stronger (although I’ve had gradual strength increases since week 1!). We learned some really neat tips on how to keep our core “activated” during everyday life, and they have been really easy to incorporate into my day. We received additional info on how to care for a baby with proper alignment, and that has been incredible at my current stage of life! We also learned additional stretches. The stretches have been wonderful for my journey. If you have any muscles that are too tight (especially the chest in breastfeeding moms!) it can throw your whole alignment off and cause all kinds of problems, like for myself, back pain. Which I didn’t even know I had until I started fixing it!

Week 7

I’m feeling pretty strong this week. I actually almost feel like my “old self”. The pre-kids self that had endless energy and hadn’t experienced the feelings of ‘falling apart’ yet. In our videos this week we discussed gaining functional strength that improves our daily functions. This was pretty insightful to me as I had always thought of fitness as a body builder’s game. It makes a lot of sense learning you can workout to essentially have a better quality of life.

On a personal note my grandmother is 93, and after doing some rehab on her shoulder has seen an improvement. I thought to myself, if that can help her in her age, the effectiveness of rehabilitation is something that is under discussed! And very empowering.

We also did a couple videos from Fit2b. Fit2b is an online fitness program that is tummy safe. I haven’t personally done any of their videos other than the ones shown in this program, but I did enjoy doing them!

The following videos of the week discussed essentially returning to fitness and remaining tummy safe. And thank goodness they addressed this! I’ve been a bit nervous on how in the world I was supposed to workout once crunches were off the table! Luckily they covered this topic pretty well and I’m feeling more confident about it. And then we did two more fit2b videos, both of which I really liked.

Week 8

My final week! I thought that I would be SO excited to be done with the “homework” and this program, but I was actually really sad! It’s like when high school ends and you are excited for your bright future, but also really sad you won’t be seeing your friends every day 😉

This week had a lot of advice on what we should keep doing into our lives after the program has ended, and practical ways to keep up with those practices without getting overwhelmed. We had a video on what options we had after finishing the program, depending on how we felt. They have a Core Integration Online Program, that I’m considering doing. It’s a “next step” option upon finishing the Core Foundations. It looks like they go deeper into transitioning back into exercising and running, which I’d be really interested in seeing what all that entails!

We were also asked to do our final Diastasis check and compare how we are feeling from our first check and assessment, to now. I am SO happy to write that I went from a wide 3 finger gap, to a loose 1 and a half finger gap!!! And I went from a 44 inch waist measurement to a 37!

*A side note on this ‘before and after’ pic. For one I’m sorry the first one is so blurry. That was before I had my camera and was taken on a phone. Second I didn’t purposely try to look worse for my before. I was going for an effortless celebrity running errands look. I can see now that was not the case. And third, as a health blogger I had a hard time posting this. But I also knew in my heart there needed to be more realistic postpartum pictures online. So here you go 💚

Overall Wrap Up and Review

I cannot tell you enough how much these short 8 weeks have benefitted me. After looking at my first journal entry, I’m so glad I wrote everything down and took pictures. Because I don’t feel like that person any more. In my first entry I was feeling weak, scared to move, and honestly depressed that I couldn’t function like my normal unbroken self. Today, on my last day of the Core Foundations program I actually ran for a couple minutes, chased my babies around, vacuumed the house and experienced zero pain while doing so. I’m feeling really positive about the future, and I’m confident with these new tools I’ve been given, I’ll just continue to get stronger. The beautiful part is that everything you learn is something you can truly apply to your day. When I first heard that my initial thought was “there is no way I’m adding something else into our schedule!”. But everything is actually second nature at this point. I would definitely recommend this program. I truly, truly feel it can benefit just about anyone from any walk of life. The information we have been given on how to strengthen our cores is out dated and completely incorrect. This program has been so informative, and has knowledge everyone deserves to know.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey, and that I hopefully helped you in your own quest for true inner strength! I know I’m sounding like a broken record here, but this program was amazing. And I would 100% recommend it to my readers, and my future clients as well. Please don’t hesitate to message or comment with any questions!

Thank you again for reading and as always I hope you have a wonderful day.






8 Things I did Differently for a Better Postpartum Recovery

I recently had my 3rd baby boy, a little over 3 months ago to be exact! And I have to say the difference between this postpartum recovery and my first two has been night and day. And while every women’s body and delivery experience is different, these tips should still apply to you!

1. Rest!

With my first I can remember wandering the aisles of babies-r-us with a 1 week old, praying to find some contraption what would make my newborn sleep. I also remember feeling like I might be dying. With my 3rd I made a vow to myself to only get out of bed to use the restroom. Once my husband went back to work after his two week mark I felt amazing. I know that was because I focused on my self care just as much as I did my sweet little guy.

2. Prepare!

While I was pregnant I got extremely ill, so hopefully you will be able to accomplish more than I did! But I managed to get a few freezer meals put together, a couple of baskets with toys to pull out to distract the older two, and some grocery shopping done. And all of this prep work helped soooo much. I put together a nursing basket with nipple cream, snacks (walnuts, almonds and think thin bars) nursing pads and bottles of water. This helped tremendously. Especially with not wanting to get out of bed! I put together a changing basket so all of his diapers, wipes ,cream and changing pad were always in reach. And I also made a postpartum basket for the bathroom with pads and all the other fun recovery items we mom’s get to use 😉

3. Accept help!

I know, I know we all get told this all the time. But hear me out. I actually accepted help this time around. Before I would have graciously declined, because I didn’t want people thinking I was too lazy to clean my house. By the 3rd I realized just how insane that was. And it honestly benefited my family as well. Not to mention just knowing we were supported was help in itself. I know some of you may not have your support group near by, and I encourage you to seek any form of help you can. Even an online group of other mom’s can be the uplifting spirit you need at those 3am feedings.

4. Love Thyself

We often get this unrealistic idea of what we are supposed to look like postpartum and feel this pressure to “bounce back” days after delivery. This is extremely unhealthy.  I put a ton of effort this time around into not criticizing myself. And admittedly, it was actually pretty difficult. I remember one day I had to stop looking in the mirror because I couldn’t stop the negative self- talk. Just being mindful about my inner voice helped tremendously. I beg you to try and do the same. Your are strong beautiful and amazing. Don’t let yourself think otherwise.

5. I ate Healthier

I know from experience now all the wonderful people who bring you food, usually bring comforting lasagna and cheese rolls. And praise the Lord for these people because man does that help when you haven’t slept in 72 hours! I also knew however, that if I didn’t find ways to proactively add veggies, I wouldn’t be feeling my best. So during all those grocery shopping trips and meal freezing, I made a point to keep everything vegetable center. And begged my husband in advance to cook healthier meals when people weren’t bringing us food. I think this played a huge part in my recovery. I had read somewhere that if you are nursing, your breastmilk gets all the nutrients. So even if your diet isn’t perfect, your milk will be close to it. Which is wonderful our bodies are designed to take care of our babies so well! But if your diet is lacking proper nutrition for too long, it’s you who suffers. By no means am I saying this is a time to obsess over you diet. But if you can try to go for healthier options for you when they are available, I vote go for it <3

6. Water for Days

I drank all the water. And I was fortunate enough to have a supportive husband who would just instantly refill my water bottle if he saw it empty. If your support person isn’t able to be around much, it would be really beneficial to keep several filled water bottles next to you at all times. Your body is trying to recover and repair itself. Water is an important part of that. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try adding some mint leaves, or squeezed lemon.

7. Check for Postpartum Depression

I know I suffered from postpartum depression with my second. We weren’t able to nurse, he was losing weight, and I just went into this dark fog. But at the time I didn’t want to ‘bother’ anyone by bringing it up, I felt like I was enough of a burden as it was. I knew this time around though, I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself and three boys, so I talked to my provider while pregnant. They were wonderful and brilliantly proactive about the possibility, and I didn’t face any of the judgment I was expecting in my head. And I honestly was able to avoid going through that this time. I really credit my wonderful nurse practitioner for taking me seriously and having a ‘game plan’ already set out. If you think you might have postpartum depression please talk to your provider. And a friend if you have someone in your life who you know will be simply encouraging. But your provider is able to help more than you, at least I, even realize.

8. Talk to Friends

And on that note, I also made a point to talk to people. I didn’t force myself to be social when I wasn’t feeling up for it, but I did make a point to arrange to see people when I was. It can be very uplifting to have someone who genuinely cares about you to talk with. Having a baby is one of the biggest life altering events a person can go through. You definitely don’t want to go it alone. If you are having a hard time finding people who “get it” try a church moms group. I actually met a lot of really great friends from a playdate off of And you can always ask your friend’s if they attend any ‘mom’ events as well.

So this is just what worked for me. As I said, what your needs are will look different. I just hope I can offer some support, encouragement, and hopefully inspiration on making your postpartum recovery the best it can be.

As always I hope you have a wonderful day.



Father’s Day – An Open Letter to my Husband

Dear Husband,

This Father’s day I wanted to take a second to acknowledge you. And I’m not talking about the “acknowledgement” you usually get, like when I lecture you about screen time. 😉

I want to make sure you know how important you truly are to this family. Because despite how much I’d like to think I run this show, you are the other half to this puzzle of parenting insanity.

And you have been stepping up to the plate every opportunity you’ve had.

From the second we found out we were expecting our first little bundle of chaos, you were right there with me reading name books and taking ridiculous guess the gender quizzes.

And you were there a mere few days later when I was diagnosed with hyperemisis, and it was constant IVs and tears. You were parenting and caring for our son before he was even born, while holding my hand every step of the way.

When he was born, you were the one following him around the hospital for all the different newborn checks while I was stuck in bed.

The love and support didn’t end when we got home either. From changing diapers to reading the boys books before they even knew what a book was, you were there pouring your all into this family.

You are also the type of man who will work before sunrise to sun down, just to make sure our family will be safe and secure. (And that work ethic is already being passed down to the boys)

And the type of father you are is helping shape three future men. Men who will actually respect women, care for others unconditionally and stand up for what’s right.

All because they are constantly watching and learning from their hero.

Their dad.

Happy Father’s Day. And thank you for being you.


Your wife


Diastasis Recti – Finding True Inner Strength Part Two

If you haven’t read my first two previous posts, click here for my post on what Diastasis Recti is in the first place! And click here for the first part of my Diastasis Recti journey and Tummy Team review.

All caught up? Great! I’m just going to dive right into it!

Week 2 on The Core Foundations Program

One of the things we are working on this week is reconnecting emotionally to our core. At first I thought this part wouldn’t affect me. I was wrong. Kelly encourages you to do an abdominal massage (show in videos) and she warns that it can bring up some emotions since we women are so good at pushing through them. It hit me all of the sudden when I was sitting in the car. I laid my hands in my lap and brushed my stomach in the process. And I just started bawling. For years I’ve tried to avoid my stomach, my “trouble area”. Through three pregnancies and dealing with a postpartum body for yet another time, I had no idea the amount of shame I had subconsciously attached to my own body. It hit me especially hard because I try so hard to promote positive self body image.

This turned out to be extremely healing and therapeutic. It may seem silly, but learning to stop avoiding your core is a critical step in the recovery process. It was a huge improvement for myself, finally beginning the type of self awareness and ultimately acceptance I’ve been craving for many years.

Another thing I wanted to add about this week is Kelly is SO good at describing visuals for the exercises and moves which really helps me execute things so much more accurately!

Week 3 on The Core Foundations Program

All I can say for this week is thank goodness for the structure of these videos! My husband has been working major over time and it’s been chaos over here. Thanks to how broken up the videos are, I’ve actually been able to continue the program.

This is the week we begin the slow process of weaning from the abdominal splint. As strange as it sounds, I’m not excited about this part. My splint has helped me tremendously, and I’m a little afraid to start the journey of no longer using it! Kelly addresses this in her video, and that combined with the pace of the weaning makes me feel a bit better about the process.

As for what we are learning; I’m still feeling a little bit stronger each day. Even if just for a few seconds, I’ve been improving on the length of time I’m able to do the rehabilitation moves. I’ve also been integrating the “everyday” moves much more smoothly than I anticipated. I’m finally holding my newborn in a way that doesn’t kill my back! My energy levels have been improving as well, which I attribute to my overall strength increases leading to more pain-free walking session.

Week 4 on The Core Foundations Program

This week we are doing some pelvic floor work. (can I get a hallelujah?!) I’ve known I needed help in this area, but didn’t really know how to go about getting it. Kelly as usual, has a way of describing things that just make them click. I’m so grateful to have more information about my body, and I’m finally starting to understand how to strengthen this area as well.

I’m actually starting to lose a little bit of weight, and my splint is starting to feel a little loose! Which is timing very conviently with weaning from the splint. Now I’m just fighting the urge to order the next size down 😉

I’m also learning some pretty amazing core stretches , something I’ve been wondering how to do safely and effectively for my stomach! Every day I’m starting to feel more and more like “my old self”.

I’m very happy with my results, and it’s only half way through the program. I look forward to seeing how far my progress will be once I’ve finished the entire course. The course goes through 8 weeks, and I’ll be making another post with a final update/review on the next few weeks, and an overall assessment.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about my experience during the program!

Thank you for reading, I hope to be providing some good insight for you!

As always, have a wonderful day <3


*I’ve already written about this in my previous posts, but I was gifted the Core Foundations Program from The Tummy Team. I accepted for the opportunity to provide my readers with an honest review of the program. My hope is to help you make a better, more educated decision on if you want to take the program. I don’t receive any ‘kick back’ from purchases, other than hopefully connecting my readers to some professional resources 🙂 *


Healthy Chocolate Chia Seed Dessert

I don’t know about you, but it feels whenever I start doing really well eating healthy, I suddenly NEED sweets. I mean really intense sweet tooth. Like the entire world’s fate depends on how quickly I can find and inhale cheesecake. (Spoiler alert: you all are going to be just fine)

But if you are with me and would like a sweet option that doesn’t undo the day, this one is for you!

Below is the recipe for this scrumptious delight.

Healthy Chocolate Chia Seed Dessert

You will need:

Plain Greek yogurt

Chia Seeds

These are the chia seeds I personally use. These are affiliated links, meaning if you purchase from these links, it helps me keep this site and all of it’s info free 🙂

Chia Seeds!

86% Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Extract

Walnuts (optional)

Honey (optional)

First take 1-2 cups of plain Greek yogurt, and about 4 spoonful’s of Chia seeds and mix together. Leave (covered) in refrigerator over night so you don’t end up with crunchy yogurt 🙂

The next day before eating add a capful of vanilla extract and mix into yogurt. Now you can eat just like this and it’s pretty tasty. However if you want to go all out, you can top with walnuts, honey and dark chocolate. You can either just chop up the chocolate bar or use a vegetable peeler to make mini “curls”. Drizzle with a little honey and you have a pretty satisfying bowl.

*Tip. Add Strawberries and almonds for extra fiber, protein and vitamin c.

Leave in the comments pictures of your own creations!

I hope this dessert treats you well, and as always have a wonderful day <3



Introducing the Newest Building Healthy Legacies Member

Introducing … baby bee number three!

Baby Bee was born weighing 10.5lbs. So expect some feel good postpartum pics coming your way 😉

He is such a little sweetheart! And baby makes three. Three boys that is! God knew I was already exaughsted, and gave me the only newborn I’ve meet that actually sleeps at night! Something I thought was only a myth because my 2 year old just started doing that 😉

I love being a mom of three! And I had honestly forgotten how adorable newborns were. So for any moms of two out there thinking of taking the leap to three, I have to say it’s worth it. I’m a lot busier than before, but things are running a lot smoother than I anticipated as well.

And here is one more because I just can’t get enough of him 🙂

Thanks for meeting my newest addition! Let me know if the comments if you are a new mama and if there are any topics that could help you in your new journey of motherhood. I’ve overcome a lot in my last five years of being a mom and would love to be a source of support!

As always I hope you have a beautiful day!






Take the Healthier Summer Pledge!

I created Building Healthy Legacies with one main hope in mind; to help families in their journey to genuine overall health.

One thing that is constantly on my heart is childhood obesity. With all of the things in life that are out of our control, I feel so strongly about giving this generation the tools they need to face the things that are within our control. Preventable diseases being at the top of that list.

When I found out summer was a time children were actually at their unhealthiest, it broke my heart.

And I know I’m not alone.

So I decided to start up a summer series. When every small change adds up, every bit of support and encouragement counts.

Then it hit me. What we truly need is to become united. Right now. As parents, teachers, caregivers, grandparents, educators. All of you who care so deeply about this generation of children. We need to come together and commit right now to the betterment of their future.

And while committing to small summer successes might not seem like much, if we all start working at making ourselves simply more aware, and supporting each other in the process, it will definitely lead to big change.

*Insert visual of myself getting off soap box 😉

I would love it if you would take my Healthier Summer Pledge.

What exactly is it I’m pledging to?

Taking the pledge simply means this, you are saying yes to a more health conscious, intentional behavior driven summer.

My suggestions are; limit screen time, improved nutrition of snacks, and making time for movement during the day. This will look different for everyone and it’s supposed to 🙂

How do I take the pledge?

Taking the pledge is simple! Send me an E-mail at, titled Healthier Summer Pledge. In the body of the e-mail you can say “I’m in!” or whatever you feel like writing. I’m a talker, so I would love to hear your story if you feel so inclined 🙂

What happens after I take the pledge?

After you take the Healthier Summer Pledge, I would love to help you achieve your summer goals. I’ll be posting and e-mailing ways to help your summer be as healthy, easy and fun as possible. Always feel free to message or comment with any questions, or suggest topics that you feel would benefit you!

It’s as simple as that. If you don’t feel like you are in a place in your life to take the pledge right now, you can always subscribe to simply get e-mails on post updates!

I look forward to connecting with you, and making this a summer for change.