Here at Building Healthy Legacies, we believe teaching children to cook is a crucial part of helping prepare them for their healthiest future. Below you will find videos of recipes for kids, demonstrated by kids. It's truly never too early or too late to start!

4th of July Fireworks Snack


At building healthy legacies we believe kids who learn to cook, have the power to be adults in charge of their health!
Today's snack is a super simple fruit "fireworks" treat. All you need are blueberries, a watermelon, star or snowflake cookie cutter, sticks and some enthusiastic little helpers!

Healthy Banana Split

Try this healthy spin on a sweet classic! The recipe includes

1 banana cut in half lengthwise
2 scoops of plain Greek yogurt mixed with vanilla extract for flavor
Now toppings!
Chopped 85%dark chocolate
Chopped almonds
Chopped walnuts
Flax&chia seeds
Our "syrup" is made out of about 8-10 strawberries blended with half a cup of water and a dash of vanilla extract

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I'd love to see pictures of your creations either in the comments or emailed to us at
Thanks for watching!