What It’s Like Having Seasonal Depression

Ah summer. Now that is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Hiking and beaches and walking without umbrellas. There is nothing quite like a beautiful sunny day with your loved ones and no plans other than soaking up all of the delicious warmness summer has to offer.

Much like super girl and her solar powered gifts, I get a surge of energy on sunny days. I literally feel like nothing can stop me when it’s so gorgeous out.

And then, it’s over.

The feeling I get when the weather turns can only be described as paralyzing. It’s suddenly a struggle to keep up with day to day tasks. Responding to friends and loved ones takes more energy than I can handle exerting. Sure I can fake it for a little while, all to go home and crumble into a deflated mess.

Seasonal depression is real, and it’s hard.

And unfortunately no amount of lightbulbs can seem to do the trick.

But if you are like me and coping with this, I just want to let you know you are not alone. Sometimes a sense of community and understanding can be the most effective form of help available.

And please do not feel ashamed to go talk with your doctor. The more we open up about these struggles, the more we pave the way for others coping too.

Thank you for reading and always making this a place to share and grow. If you feel like sharing I’d love to hear from you.

Big warm hugs,


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