Harvard Study Shows Kids Who Do Chores Are More Successful | And How You Can Get A Jump Start

According to a recent Harvard study, children who do chores growing up, have better work ethic. And in turn are more successful, happier adults.

But little Samantha is too little, and will just create more work for me!

Yes, yes she will.

However once they move past the “little helpers” phase and into the helpful phase, you will actually have some help around the house.

Here is a list of 5 chores your kid can do between the ages of 3-5.

1.) Scrub The Counters

You can buy some natural cleaning spray (which definitely adds an element of fun!) or simply give them a stool, paper towel and soapy sponge. This is a chore that my kiddos actually love, and they are so proud of themselves when they get it clean “like new” again!

2.) Put Away Their Own Toys

I know this one seems simple, but it’s something that shouldn’t go without mention. Even the littlest of kids can do this. Once they are big enough to walk around and pull stuff out, they are big enough to put it away. I have to be honest in admitting a failure we had here was not having toy organization early on. Once we had designated spots for everything, my kids had a much easier time putting them away. (Sometimes even unprompted!)

3.) Put Clothes In The Washing Machine

Grab your dirty laundry basket and have your kiddos join you! Both my 3 and 5 year old LOVE throwing the dirty clothes in the washing machine. And bonus points for mom, you can hand them the wet clothes and let them load it into the dryer. (Hooray for no more bending down awkwardly!)

4.) Put Their Dirty Dishes In The Sink

I’m honestly amazed at how much time this one has saved me! Not having to constantly go through and grab dirty dishes (cups were a killer because they ended up everywhere!) has been a huge time saver! Now that’s not to say I don’t still have to remind them, but the kids are getting better at this every day!

5.) Put Away Silverware

While I go through and remove our cutting knives, I always give my kids the silverware basket from the dish washer. And I can finally say we have reached the point where it actually saves me time now!

So while there may be extra up front work, it will all eventually get easier I promise! Plus you can feel good through the whining knowing you are helping their future selves be harder working, more successful functioning adults.

Keep fighting the good fight mama.




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