EGG-xtra Fun Easter Egg Hunt Workout

I absolutely adore Easter egg hunts! It’s so fun seeing the kids get so excited over their discoveries, and a wonderful way to have some memory making traditions.

I also think it’s a great opportunity to make working out fun. Early experiences with (sports and) exercise set the tone for a child’s attitude towards being active later in life. The more chances we can make being active become associated with fun times is, in short, setting the scene for healthy adults.

And I must say this Easter egg exercise hunt was a hit! We laughed as much as we worked out, and that is a huge success for this age group!

Here is an example of what we wrote down for each egg.

The only “Notes” I had from our experience is to open and do each egg’s activity as you find each one. If you have more than one kid make sure to encourage everyone to do the activity with the person who found the egg. And lastly make sure to make it FUN. Fun is the language of this age. If your child would love the challenge of having 3 push ups be in an egg go for it! But if you know your child hates push ups, try some bunny hops or tree pose. I also made a point to include give a high five, and give a compliment. It’s never too early to encourage good sportsmanship!

Let me know if you give this twist on the Easter egg hunt a try! We love seeing pictures too 🙂

Also let me know (in either the comments or an e-mail) if you would like this list in printable form.

Thanks for reading and I hop you all have a wonderful Easter.


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