Eco-Friendly Minimalist Valentine’s Day for Kids

I love Valentine’s Day. It’s so fun as a parent getting to see the excitement on my child’s face when I give them presents. However after all of the wonderful gifts our family of five has received over the holidays, I can’t bring myself to purchase more things that will end up contributing to the clutter. So I decided to make a list of fun Valentine’s Day gifts I can give to my children that are eco-friendly and supporting my minimalist efforts.

*Seeds. I personally love carrot seeds as they are so easy to grow. Anything that isn’t too complicated is perfect for a young gardener. (Gardening gloves would be a great addition if your child doesn’t already have a pair. These are super cute! )

*Snacks. Snacks are great because once eaten, they no longer take up space in your home! Try THESE recipes for some fun healthy alternatives to your traditional box of chocolates.

*Arts and Crafts. Are great again because once used up no longer take up room in your home. A fun way to work on motor skills and creativity. You can also take broken crayons destined for the trash and melt them down in heart shaped  molds to make fun festive crayons. Fun and cutting down on waste. (Click HERE for our free printable pages)

*Needed items. Whenever I get my kids gifts, I usually throw in some practical things too. Like bubbles for their baths or toothpaste. They always like them, but the key is to pay attention to the details they care about. (What flavor, what characters are on the items etc) A shampoo bar would make for a fun addition without having to worry about the plastic.

*Experiances. You can’t beat bonding time with your child. A trip to the library, carousel, zoo, or local children’s museum makes for a great gift. 

Thats my list of valentine ideas. What are some eco friendly, minimalist conscious gifts you like to give?



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