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Ashley is a wife, mom of 3 boys, an ACE certified personal trainer, and a Youth Fitness Specialist. Her passion in life is to help children and their families lead healthy and happy lives.

Thank you for visiting Building Healthy Legacies.

I created this website because I have a huge passion for healthy living. As a mother of three, there aren't too many things I care about more than the health of my family. And instilling habits in my children that will benefit them their whole lives.

On this site you will find
  • Recipes
  • Mommy and Me Workouts
  • Kid's Workouts
  • Encouraging and Educating Articles
  • The Occasional Craft

When I think about what I want to leave for my children, a reoccurring want is for them to not have to battle any preventable diseases. And to have a natural sense of what a balanced, healthy life looks like.

That is the legacy I wish to leave.

And it is my goal, to help you in your journey to do the same.

Thanks for reading.


TODAY.com Parenting Team Parenting Contributor


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