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Month: July 2017

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals | from A Certified Personal Trainer

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals | from A Certified Personal Trainer

It’s New Year’s eve. You are excited about the bright shiny year ahead of you. “This is my year!” you say to yourself. The year you will finally, lose that extra weight, write your book, finish school, go on that trip, etc. etc. Even posting […]

Diastasis Recti – Finding True Inner Strength | Final Review

Diastasis Recti – Finding True Inner Strength | Final Review

Before starting, if you haven’t read my post on what Diastasis Recti is all about click here. To read my first post reviewing The Tummy Team’s core foundations program click here! And for my second review click here. Week 5 I have to admit this […]

8 Things I did Differently for a Better Postpartum Recovery

8 Things I did Differently for a Better Postpartum Recovery

I recently had my 3rd baby boy, a little over 3 months ago to be exact! And I have to say the difference between this postpartum recovery and my first two has been night and day. And while every women’s body and delivery experience is different, these tips should still apply to you!

1. Rest!

With my first I can remember wandering the aisles of babies-r-us with a 1 week old, praying to find some contraption what would make my newborn sleep. I also remember feeling like I might be dying. With my 3rd I made a vow to myself to only get out of bed to use the restroom. Once my husband went back to work after his two week mark I felt amazing. I know that was because I focused on my self care just as much as I did my sweet little guy.

2. Prepare!

While I was pregnant I got extremely ill, so hopefully you will be able to accomplish more than I did! But I managed to get a few freezer meals put together, a couple of baskets with toys to pull out to distract the older two, and some grocery shopping done. And all of this prep work helped soooo much. I put together a nursing basket with nipple cream, snacks (walnuts, almonds and think thin bars) nursing pads and bottles of water. This helped tremendously. Especially with not wanting to get out of bed! I put together a changing basket so all of his diapers, wipes ,cream and changing pad were always in reach. And I also made a postpartum basket for the bathroom with pads and all the other fun recovery items we mom’s get to use 😉

3. Accept help!

I know, I know we all get told this all the time. But hear me out. I actually accepted help this time around. Before I would have graciously declined, because I didn’t want people thinking I was too lazy to clean my house. By the 3rd I realized just how insane that was. And it honestly benefited my family as well. Not to mention just knowing we were supported was help in itself. I know some of you may not have your support group near by, and I encourage you to seek any form of help you can. Even an online group of other mom’s can be the uplifting spirit you need at those 3am feedings.

4. Love Thyself

We often get this unrealistic idea of what we are supposed to look like postpartum and feel this pressure to “bounce back” days after delivery. This is extremely unhealthy.  I put a ton of effort this time around into not criticizing myself. And admittedly, it was actually pretty difficult. I remember one day I had to stop looking in the mirror because I couldn’t stop the negative self- talk. Just being mindful about my inner voice helped tremendously. I beg you to try and do the same. Your are strong beautiful and amazing. Don’t let yourself think otherwise.

5. I ate Healthier

I know from experience now all the wonderful people who bring you food, usually bring comforting lasagna and cheese rolls. And praise the Lord for these people because man does that help when you haven’t slept in 72 hours! I also knew however, that if I didn’t find ways to proactively add veggies, I wouldn’t be feeling my best. So during all those grocery shopping trips and meal freezing, I made a point to keep everything vegetable center. And begged my husband in advance to cook healthier meals when people weren’t bringing us food. I think this played a huge part in my recovery. I had read somewhere that if you are nursing, your breastmilk gets all the nutrients. So even if your diet isn’t perfect, your milk will be close to it. Which is wonderful our bodies are designed to take care of our babies so well! But if your diet is lacking proper nutrition for too long, it’s you who suffers. By no means am I saying this is a time to obsess over you diet. But if you can try to go for healthier options for you when they are available, I vote go for it <3

6. Water for Days

I drank all the water. And I was fortunate enough to have a supportive husband who would just instantly refill my water bottle if he saw it empty. If your support person isn’t able to be around much, it would be really beneficial to keep several filled water bottles next to you at all times. Your body is trying to recover and repair itself. Water is an important part of that. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try adding some mint leaves, or squeezed lemon.

7. Check for Postpartum Depression

I know I suffered from postpartum depression with my second. We weren’t able to nurse, he was losing weight, and I just went into this dark fog. But at the time I didn’t want to ‘bother’ anyone by bringing it up, I felt like I was enough of a burden as it was. I knew this time around though, I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself and three boys, so I talked to my provider while pregnant. They were wonderful and brilliantly proactive about the possibility, and I didn’t face any of the judgment I was expecting in my head. And I honestly was able to avoid going through that this time. I really credit my wonderful nurse practitioner for taking me seriously and having a ‘game plan’ already set out. If you think you might have postpartum depression please talk to your provider. And a friend if you have someone in your life who you know will be simply encouraging. But your provider is able to help more than you, at least I, even realize.

8. Talk to Friends

And on that note, I also made a point to talk to people. I didn’t force myself to be social when I wasn’t feeling up for it, but I did make a point to arrange to see people when I was. It can be very uplifting to have someone who genuinely cares about you to talk with. Having a baby is one of the biggest life altering events a person can go through. You definitely don’t want to go it alone. If you are having a hard time finding people who “get it” try a church moms group. I actually met a lot of really great friends from a playdate off of And you can always ask your friend’s if they attend any ‘mom’ events as well.

So this is just what worked for me. As I said, what your needs are will look different. I just hope I can offer some support, encouragement, and hopefully inspiration on making your postpartum recovery the best it can be.

As always I hope you have a wonderful day.