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Diastasis Recti- Finding true inner strength

If you are like the many women that haven’t heard about Diastasis Recti before, click here to read my post detailing what it’s about. Long story short it’s a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area.

I have had three beautiful children. And each were extremely hard pregnancies. Despite being very health conscious, I gained around 60lbs each time. My kid’s ages are 4, 2, and 8 weeks. I never fully bounced back after each time, but got close. This last pregnancy knocked me down even more so than normal. My last son was born at 10.5lbs and it definitely put a strain on my abdominal muscles!

At my 4 week postpartum check up, my midwife suggested looking into The Tummy Team. She said they have lots of free online information, and some completely online courses. I was honestly contemplating going through a random local physical therapist before I looked into them. But I was having a hard time finding someone I could trust that knew this condition specifically.  There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there, and I wanted to be sure I was going through someone who knew what they were doing!

*Disclaimer* After speaking with my midwife and doing tons of research I decided The Tummy Team was my best option for recovery. I then reached out to them to see if they would partner with Building Healthy Legacies in an attempt to get this information out! They agreed by gifting me the Core Foundations program and abdominal splint so I could have the opportunity to give you readers some honest insight into what this recovery program really entails.

Week One on the Core Foundations program

My abdominal splint has arrived and it’s surprisingly comfortable! I was worried my newborn wouldn’t like being held while I wore it, but we haven’t had any issues. And let me tell you, this thing is amazing. I was honestly really skeptical of it at first. But after three days my husband pointed out that my posture was noticeably better and I just “looked better” And I felt better. I started out with a generous three finger gap and just felt like my insides were falling apart. But after one week I’m already noticing a huge improvement.

The online program is amazing. I will warn you there is a LOT of information. I actually watched it all through twice because I felt like my brain needed a second go 😉 Thankfully they knew their audience and have broken up the videos into small increments. That was definitely my saving grace.

Kelly (Kelly Dean the founder of the Tummy Team) suggests writing down everything you are feeling. She says once you feel stronger, you will have a hard time remember how weak you feel now. So I wrote down some of the things I was experiencing. I can’t vacuum the house. Its too hard. I can’t pick up my older children and it makes me feel like I can’t parent how I want. My son and I used to go for runs every day and now I can’t. He is still asking daily when I can run with him and it breaks my heart. My dream career, personal training, is all depending on whether or not I can fix myself.

Taking a step back, I had NO idea it was affecting every area of my life so much.

My current updates. I’ve been doing the program now for a week and a half. I feel SO much stronger. I vacuumed the house and felt great afterwards. At my 7 week postpartum check up my midwife said my stomach was doing great after having a baby that size! I truly wasn’t expecting this much of an improvement yet, but I’m so thankful! On top of following the program to a T and wearing my splint the majority of the time, I’ve been taking hourly walks with my boys. And as always trying to eat healthy and in moderation.

I’m so grateful to have found Kelly and her program. I will continue documenting my ‘stats’ for the rest of the 8 week program. My goal is to help you readers if you are going through the same thing.  If you have any questions about Diastasis Recti, or the Tummy Team please ask! You can leave a comment or send me an E-mail.

I hope this has been of some help to you. And hopefully some encouragement. As always I hope you have a wonderful day ♡


Click here for Diastasis Recti- Finding True Inner Strength Part Two

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Healthy 4th of July Firework Ice Cream

I LOVE the 4th. It’s such a fun holiday that doesn’t come with the stress other holidays can. Just grab some food, fireworks and you have yourself a relaxed evening with the family.

Although I use the 80/20 moderation rule, I’m always on the lookout for easy healthy food that can compete with it’s fun colorful counter part.

And that’s probably my favorite part. This recipe is ridiculously easy. I almost feel silly posting it. But it looks so pretty when it’s done.

What you will need
A blender
Frozen bananas
Milk of your choice
Unsweetened shredded coconut
Food coloring
*A side note about the food coloring. I was SO excited to find this natural dye. And it worked really well on this project. However I didn’t know that they are a one time use. So for  $10, I probably won’t buy it again. But if it’s in your buget to do so they did work beautifully. I will be trying to make my own next time. If you want to do the same there are tons of recipes to diy online!

First for the sprinkles I put a couple handfuls of the shredded coconut on a cookie sheet with tin foil. Then I used half of the packet of coloring on the coconut and mixed it in by hand. I placed the coconut in the oven at 200°. Then just check on them every 10 minutes until ‘dried’. (Repeat instructions for both red and blue)

For the ice cream I took roughly 4 frozen bananas and blended in with milk. I just kept adding a dash of milk until the consistency seemed ‘ice cream like’.

Assemble and your done! The kids were thrilled with the sprinkles. You will have left over sprinkles. I just stored mine in mason jars in the pantry. Check the experation on your bag of coconut to see how long your sprinkles will be good for.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Let me know in the comments if you have found a food coloring recipe you love!

I hope you have a happy 4th and as always a wonderful day♡


Diastasis Recti

Mommy tummy. Stomach flab. Muffin top. Spare tire.

Or whatever the newest insult or delicious pastry we are calling ourselves now; most moms notice a huge difference in their post partum bodies.

And in an attempt to tighten things up, we do countless crunches, planks, side crunches etc. with zero results.

What if I told you that you were actually worsening things? That you may have a condition called Diastasis Recti. (or DR) Diastasis Recti is defined as ” A separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area.” Simply meaning that the connective tissue holding that ever sought after six-pack has separated. And by doing crunches, you are actually causing little micro tears in said connective tissue, creating an even bigger gap.

Curious if you have it? Considering around 66% of women have DR, there is a good chance you might. Below I have included a link to a video from an online Physical Therapist on how to check yourself. It only takes about a minute, so I highly recommend taking the second to see if you have it.

Click HERE to take the test!

Now at this point if you are discovering you have DR, it can feel like a relief. Knowing what’s going on with your body is very empowering. But you might also be a bit overwhelmed with what to do about it.

My first recommendation is of course talk to your doctor. Your doctor will most likely recommend surgery, or physical training.

I would suggest taking some time to do research on which route you feel most comfortable with. And if you are unsure about anything, always ask!

Below I’ve listed some different resources available to you, and some additional information to help get you started.

The Tummy Team

Abdominal separation

Diastasis Rehab


Don’t get discouraged, know that you are able to heal your body, and by educating yourself you are taking the first step!

As always I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful day.



Fun Tasty Yogurt Bites

The kiddos and I were looking through the cooking aisle when we found this adorable dinosaur candy mold. I couldn’t say no, because I wanted it just as badly! Haha

However, I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with it! After many failed attempts, I’m here to hopefully save you some time, and give you my fool proof recipe!

Fun Tasty Yogurt Bites 

I made three different flavors. The first one turned out white. I simply used about a cup of plain yogurt. Used a dash of vanilla, a couple tablespoons of raw honey and used a little lemon zest. These turned out SO good.

The next one is the pink one. I used the above recipe plus blended strawberries. This one was my middle son’s favorite.

And the last one I used the top recipe, plus blended blueberries! The possibilities are truly endless as you can just add a handful of whatever berries you prefer to that original  recipe. Now I didn’t give exact measurements, because different molds are going to be different sizes. It’s also super easy to eyeball as you go. (Hooray for quick snacks!)

And thats all! Easy peasy! You can roam your local store and find all kinds of shapes and sizes. I choose a silicone mold, so I’m not sure how others would turn out. I was initially worried they would be too hard to eat, but they turned out perfect. They ended up about the size of a quarter, so do keep that in mind when searching for your mold.

I hope you and your family enjoys these as much as mine did! And as always have a beautiful day.


Dear Momma of Littles

Dear Momma of littles,

I see you over there. Drowning in laundry, dishes and just life itself. Feeling like you are failing each step of the way.

The kid’s goldfish lunch wasn’t exactly the organic Pinterest worthy meal you had in mind. But after spending the morning scrubbing your toddlers art work off the wall and rocking the teething baby for an hour you ran out of time.

And if you have to carrying one more screaming, crying toddler out of the store while getting those looks, you might just start crying too.

I know that you feel like you just aren’t enough. You do SO much every single day, yet feel as though you haven’t accomplished anything.

But I want to take a moment to tell you what your little ones aren’t quite able to express themselves yet.

They love you.

They love you SO so much.

And they may not know how to say it yet, or maybe don’t know how to show their appreciation in the ways we grown ups are used to. But they do in their own way.

It’s in the way they light up when they see you. In the way they cry when you leave. It’s when they need an ouchie kissed, you are the only one who can comfort them.

It’s how they pick you flowers, and give you rocks, sticks and leaves. It’s how they stop crying the second you pick them up because they were just needing you.

It’s how they want to be with you every second of every day.

Because momma you are their whole entire world.

So this mother’s day, even if they can’t get you a card and chocolates I want you to remember this. Every time you help them through a tantrum, read them a story, patiently potty train and hug them when they are sad they notice.

And you are teaching them to be selfless, patient, kind, wonderful, world changing people just like the person they look up to the most.


I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day and never forget how important and loved you are.