Month: April 2017

Kids Paw Patrol Exercises

Although we try to avoid T.V time, let’s get real. It still happens. And if you have a child between 2-6 years old, there is a good chance Paw Patrol has made it’s way into your life. It’s definitely a favorite around here.
That’s why I thought I would take something they already enjoy, and add some exercises in!
And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much the boys liked it! It was actually really fun for me too.

First a couple of notes.
I feel it’s really important to not shame children. It shouldn’t be “Well you’re overweight so you have to workout.” Or “All you ever do is watch T.V so now you can only watch if you workout.”
Children (Everyone) respond best to positive reinforcement.
I approached my kids by saying, “Hey boys I made this really fun Paw Patrol workout. Would you like to try it?” And I got a very excited Yes!
Another note is to keep it fun and lighthearted. If they “missed” one of the moves, I made a point to not point out their mistakes. I just kept calling out when and what moves were supposed to happen. And gave high fives after moves were done.
Alright I’m done rambling. Here it is! I hope your kids have as much fun as mine did!

Paw Patrol Exercises!
  • Every time the paw patrol gets called to the lookout- do 5 jumping jacks
  • Wherever rubble says rubble on the double- jog in place for 30 sec.
  • Whenever Skye says this pups gotta fly or lets take to the sky- do 5 arm circles
  • Whenever Marshall falls down- hop up and down on left foot 5 times
  • Whenever someone says Paw Patrol is on a roll-  hop up and down on right foot 5 times
  • Whenever Chase is on the case- do 5 side bends (standing, arms behind head, bend to one side of the body,  and then switch to the other side)
  • Every time it plays the theme song- jump up and down 5 times
  • Every time someone calls Ryder for help- do 5 side twists
  • When Ryder says ‘whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help” or “You’re all good pups”- start doing stretches (touch your toes, side bends etc, butterfly stretch)

And that’s all! I hope you have as much fun with this as we did. Let me know in the comments what your kids fav show is and if you would like a corresponding exercise routine!
As always have a wonderful day!


Avoiding Fad Diets

There is so much false information out there about health. Is fat bad? Is it good again? And there always seems to be some new program that your best friends sister is selling that promises to make your life perfect.

Below I’ve put together a list of some general guidelines when trying to decipher if something is a scam.

• Any product promising to provide “fast,  immediate results” or any kind of “miracle”

These types of products can be unhealthy at best. Alot are downright dangerous. And miracle products and plans don’t exist. All you need is to move your body and eat right. No need to waste money here.


Did a study just come out saying soda is actually not as bad as we thought? I would investigate where that study came from. If it was sponsored by a major soda company, I would have my doubts on it’s biase.


Did your favorite celebrity start a diet plan that involves eating 1 square of cheese per day?  While they maybe a wonderful actor, they probably aren’t qualified to make meal plans. If you feel you are struggling to figure out what to eat, a registered dietitian is the person to see!

• Any diet eliminating fruits and vegetables

We need fruits and vegetables. There is no possible way to have a healthy balanced diet without them. And any program/company/product reccomending otherwise is something to steer clear of. Check out  myplate.gov for food variety reccomendations.

When in doubt, ask your doctor! 

And if you feel they may not be up to date on health/ nutrition information,  it might be time to seek a second opinion.

I know it’s hard. There is a lot of really great marketing out there that can make it hard to follow the truths you know about health.

But keep eating real foods and moving your body. I promise you that’s the key to feeling great. No monthly fees included 😉

That’s all for now guys. As always have a wonderful day!